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Do you use social media to help drive your bottom line? How is it working? Could it work better?

Remember the old saying about finding someone who’s gone down the road you are on and asking them how they garnered success?

There are many resources one can tap to learn more about how others have found success. Just look at the rise in websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, SunZu, Twitter, YouTube and more. According to the experts, engagement is the secret. Social Media Examiner’s recent article explains that, “No matter your company’s industry or size, you can encourage these deeper connections and improve your social media engagement.”

Here’s a humorous, yet pertinent, short clip on the history and philosophy of engagement.

Many businesses focus on providing content (content is king) and yet forget the most important feature of social media… being social.

From Technorati

Social media engagement is often defined as the real interactions that happen on these networks. Forbes mentions that the successful users “monitor, observe, and respond based on what they learn,” and they go to great lengths to actually talk to their followers instead of only relying on automatic posts. Social media engagement is a concept that is being embraced by many people. For example, Florida Gators coach Joker Phillips recently came up with a unique approach to engage his Twitter audience and get more recruits by posting a tweet that included an image of Heath Ledger as the Joker on March 27. Phillips is not the only one who is recognizing the power of engagement. FlopTurnRiver, a poker community site, is also using Twitter to engage its audience and recently reached out to Antonio Esfandiari through Twitter to ask him to host an AMA. While Joker Phillips is promoting his new hashtag, FlopTurnRiver is promoting its Twitter page. Both are examples of how social media users are trying to get their audiences interested in the content that is posted.

Each business concern has a variety of component to consider, how and what works is the never-ending challenge to growing your business through building relationships on and off-line.

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